Data Analyst / Biostatistician

CyberData Technologies, Atlanta, Georgia

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Date Posted January 08, 2021
Industry Private Sector BioStat Jobs
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Title: Data Analyst / Biostatistician

Job Location: Atlanta, GA

CyberData Technologies is looking to hire a Biostatistician in Atlanta, GA

Biostatistician - National Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program Statistical Analysis Project

Candidate will provide statistical analysis and apply scientific methods to analyze, assemble, evaluate, format, maintain, manipulate, retrieve, report, and store data sets related to risk factors and trends in the prevention and control of diabetes and its complications specifically related to organizations participating in the National Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program (DPRP).

Expected duties include:

  • Conduct analytical projects and produce products/reports/Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to support the translation, refinement and conversion of DPRP variables and datasets to allow for the DPRP program to scale to meet demand.
  • Collaborate with the DPRP Program manager and DPRP team to prepare and interpret statistical reports to facilitate technical assistance to division staff, program partners, external stakeholders, and organizations participating in the DPRP to inform program performance and management.
  • Conduct analytic data management, statistical analyses, and produce statistical reports using programming languages and software information technology (IT) tools including, but not limited to, SAS, SQL, R, SUDAAN, Excel, etc., to assess and improve program performance and management.
  • Develop methods for tabulating, summarizing, interpreting, and presenting data from relational databases, complex surveys, and other data sets/systems to ensure timely access and use of diabetes data systems. This subtask includes resolving problems involved with complex data management and analytical activities including making recommendations to change system requirements to meet internal and external stakeholder needs.
  • Develop methods and analytic data management tools to ensure DPRP processes are scalable to meet increasing demand and provide viable options for technologically sophisticated and non-technologically sophisticated organizations to submit validated data for the DPRP.
  • Collaborate with the DPRP Program manager and DPPR team to document, create, and implement appropriate statistical and analytic methods to evaluate data using appropriate computer software to meet the complex needs of technical and scientific professionals, including but not limited to, the business rules and validation checks as defined for DPRP application data and DPRP session data.
  • Support DPRP production data management and execution by providing consultation on the design and implementation of Information Technology (IT) solutions to meet current demand; to meet increasing demand; and to assess and improve DPRP program performance and management.
  • Create DPRP communications products and perform coordination activities across relevant functional teams and vendors to ensure the DPRP meets current demand; meets increasing demand; and to assess and improve program performance and management.
  • Ops Center

    • Operate the Ops Center Mailbox/Contact Us widget
      • Respond to Ad Hoc Report Requests
      • Respond to Access/Data Requests
      • Respond to Technical Assistance Requests
      • Respond to Ops Center Enhancement Requests
    • Maintain and update the DPRP Standards Comment Tracker
    • Maintain and update the National DPP Decision Log

Minimum Requirements: 1-4 years of experience in but not limited to, SAS, SQL, R, SUDAAN, Excel required. Public health data experience preferred.
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